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Project Introduction
Update time: 2011-09-25
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1. Shanghai Hanhe Complex Material Technology Co., Ltd.
● Registered date: 2011.1
● Registered capital: 1 million HKD
● Technology field: New material
● Incubator space: 600 m2
Hanhe is engaged in carbon fiber, designing the product process of polymer materials.
2. Shanghai Fuyi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
● Registered date: 2011.4
● Registered capital: 7 million RMB
● Technology field: New energy-solar battery
● Incubator space: 940 m2
Fuyi mainly focuses on the research on thin film solar cell of CIGS with low costs and other related core equipments. The R&D team consists of 20 professional personnel with doctor and master degree, which are professional in developing PVD, PECVD, ALD thin film deposition equipment, including large rotating cathode, high utilization rate of the target plane cathode, ultra high vacuum flapper valve etc. Fuyi built a joint laboratory with new energy center of Shanghai Institute of Micro-system and information technology in Jiading pilot-plant base.
3. Shanghai Zhongke Qianghua medical apparatus Co., Ltd.
● Registered date: 2010.8
● Registered capital: 3 million RMB
● Technology field: Medical apparatus
● Incubator space: 15 m2
The main product of Qianghua is the regional medical information system to solve the unbalanced distribution of medical resources in urban and rural areas, by the ways of resident health information collection, remote data sharing and expert resource sharing.  "Village clinics special equipment" is to aim at rural common diseases, and provide the hardware and software platform of early diagnosis and screening. The equipments are MH-102,which integrates 3 classified blood analysis, 12 automatic electrocardiogram, and PHP-100 multi-parameter health examination instrument which integrates 7 ECG, 11 urine routine, automatic blood pressure, noninvasive measurement of blood oxygen, breathing body temperature and pulse rate monitoring
4. Shanghai Chuangyi Software Technology Co., Ltd.
● Registered date: 2011.7
● Registered capital: 150,000 RMB
● Technology field: Computer software development
● Incubator space: 60 m2
Shanghai Chuangyi provides all types of customized management software for enterprises. For the production-oriented enterprises, it supplies the information solutions tailored for the customers, including production control, logistics management, financial management. For the retail chain enterprises, it provides customized internet invoicing management solutions, including invoicing management bar code, membership management, summary analysis functions. For the direct selling enterprises, the company provides mobile platform information solutions, including the development of iPhone/iPad/Androil client software, mobile customer relationship management system, mobile office system.
5. Shanghai Jiuyuan Technology Co., Ltd.
● Registered date: 2011.3
● Registered capital: 1 million RMB
● Technology field: Medical apparatus
● Incubator space: 20 m2
Jiuyuan as a partner of Japan medical industrial company MIZUHO and America medical equipment company SKYTRON in China, sells the products used in advanced operation rooms, like the operation bed, operation lamp, minimal invasive surgery headstock, aneurysm clips and other medical equipment. Company is committed to provide the overall operation room solutions, and well received by users all over the major hospitals nationwide. In order to do better for the human health, Jiuyuan has made breakthrough progress in product development, with the support by CAS Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, combined with the relevant manufacturers. The new operation bed and medical equipment have been fully realized the local transformation and sold back to Japan
6. Shanghai Sheng Yu Tong Investment Co., Ltd.
● Registered date: 2011.3
● Registered capital: 500,000 RMB
● Technology field: Medical apparatus, investment
● Incubator space: 20 m2
7. Shanghai Hanrui New Material Co., Ltd.
● Registered date: 2011.3
● Registered capital: 1.5 million RMB
● Technology field: Opto-electrical new material
● Incubator space: 60 m2
Hanrui is engaged in technical consult and services in the fields of electronics and new materials.
8. Shanghai Angqie Biology Co., Ltd.
● Registered date: 2011.7
● Registered capital: 500,000 RMB
● Technology field: R&D of Biological products
● Incubator space: 300 m2

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